I’ve been building stringed instruments in my 400-sqft shop, located just east of Renton, WA. In the cascade foothills since 2008. My goal is to build traditionally styled instruments in the mandolin family based on the Loar F5 & A5 original designs with the only the highest quality materials and hardware, utilizing innovative engineering & construction techniques for the professional musician. In addition to traditional designs, I’ve also built numerous custom stringed instruments ranging from Octave Mandolins (based on the Gibson L5 Guitar body style) to Acoustic Double Basses.

As an electrical engineer with a very strong background in electronic testing, I believe in applying modern engineering techniques to the traditional art of building Stringed instruments. Some of the advancements the I have incorporated in my construction process include the Acoustic Tuning of the soundboard and backboard plats and modification of the Fret Scale along with string compensation, accounting for fretted string tension, to provide perfect intonation over the ENTIRE fret scale.

Are your looking for an instrument that makes the other players turn and take a second look ..

An instrument with superior tone, with power to cut through to the back of the concert hall…

A Mandolin that’s begs you play little more, even though there is work to do tomorrow …

With perfect intonation!

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